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Electrical Accessories

Isupply electrical sells a wide range of electrical supplies. These electrical accessories are mainly targeted at the electrician seeking electrical fittings chosen for Australian conditions. Isupply electrical supply, extension leads, and holsters suitable for the serious DIY home builder and professional tradesperson alike, and a range of cutting tools and accessories from trusted brands to help you install any of our isupply electrical supplies with ease. Our list of installation tools and accessories doesn’t stop there, however, and we can help you find the right product for installation on renovations or new builds, tight spaces, hollow and solid walls.
Of course, we also supply the essentials, electrical tape, cables, conduits, protectors, and fasteners. Manufactured to our high standards, our electrical supplies won’t let you down.
Isupply electrical Accessories, a Quality Assured Company conforming to AS/NZS ISO 9001:2000, is a Supplier of Electrical and Electronic components, so If you’re after, Cable Clips, Plug Tops & Extension Sockets, Extension Leads, Wall Plugs, Crayons, Solder, Cast Resin Joining Kits, Batteries, BP’s – Connector strip, Test Tags & Various Test Stickers, Glands, Junction Boxes, Mounting Blocks, Batten Holders, Vertical wall brackets, Underground Warning Tape, Flexible Ducting, Lugs, CLEAR DOUBLE CABLE CONNECTORS, Horizontal Wall Brackets, Spring Clips, Electrical & Duct Tape, Glue, Underground Warning Tape, ELECTRICIANS CERTIFICATE OF COMPLIANCE ELECTRICAL WORKBOOK, Silicone & Adhesives, Jack Chain, Busbars, Electrical Insulation PVC Tape, Brass Pin Clips, Insulating Shroud, Bushes, cotchlok Scotch Lock Gel Filled Splice Crimp Connector, Lamp Holders.
Our wide range of electrical accessories to suit all applications. That is designed to deliver not only safety and security but the convenience and increased energy efficiency. Here you will find our ranges of motion and occupancy sensors and smoke alarms. Plus dimmers, timers and fan controllers for wall switches. Sensors including the well-known Infrascan range. All types of timers and smoke alarms. Plus all the important everyday accessories you need to get the job done.

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