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Cabinet, Racks & UPS


Protect your systems from power failures using an uninterruptable power supply from isupply. Just how opportunistic some thieves can be when the power goes out. While many alarm panels feature a backup battery (at least as an option), surveillance systems rarely do – most likely due to their increased power requirements when compared to relatively low-power security alarm systems. Fortunately, at its most basic level, a UPS is very easy to install, and selection only requires some fundamental mathematics. While the mathematics is rather simple, we do deal with some electrical principles which may be unfamiliar to you. Our range includes UPS units for both large and small business as well as accessories and batteries to keep things running smoothly.

Server Rack Shelves

Isupply Electrical has a range that is a specialist in rack system enclosures and accessories for the communications, data, electronic, security and electrical industries. We offer a wide selection of rack-mountable storage that makes it easy to organize and optimize your server room. Our selection of rack shelving includes a comprehensive range of sizes and features to suit your specific needs. There are a number of Rack Panels which come in different sizes and types, as well as Network Server Rack Cabinets which are also available in different sizes depending on your needs. Other items featured are Mount Connectors, Fan Guards, Spare Globes, Mounting Bolts, Washers, Packs of Blanking Panels, Fan Panels and even a Cooling/Exhaust Fan. These accessories are suited for audio input boards and rack systems. One of our server rack shelves has been specifically designed to fit in 19″ server cabinets. The racks are easily adjustable with some shelves vented to allow for airflow, helping to cool any equipment down that might be prone to over-heating. Heavy duty shelves are also available and are able to hold more weight than a cantilever shelf.

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